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Competence in Mediation

identify conflicts

avoid conflicts

resolve conflicts

know how to manage achieving wins

all from one source

Publisher / knowledge

Academy / competence

Service / application

everything in one hand

Publishing – Education – Mediation

Most of the problems arise when solving them (Leonardo da Vinci)

We will help you resolving conflicts and solving problems without rising other problems or incresing conflicts. Conflict resolution is the ability we like to share with you.

On the point Win-Management is a publishing house as well as a service provider in mediation and an academy caring about success strategies! The mean is mediation and we are the experts. We benefit from the fact that we are authors, researchers, teachers and practicing mediators at the same time. We’d like to share that benefit with you.

You wonder what that benefit can be?

It’s our knowledge. Academy is improving knowledge by researches. Publishing house is improving knowledge by achieving it. Services are improving competences by experiences. All together it works like a swing where one sector pulls up the other one. This is easily and necessarily possible as we keep everything in one hand.

You wonder what could be interesting for you?

Right now we publish in German language. Though some books have been translated into other languages like Latvian and Estonian. We once produced a film, which is in Latvian but also available with English subtitles. Some few products we provide in English language you will fin in our shop.

Maybe it is more interesting for you to demand mediation services.